Biodegradable Plastic Certification

This service enables the applicant to obtain the mark for biodegradable plastic according to the technical regulations for biodegradable plastics, which aims to define the environmental requirements for biodegradable plastic products included in the technical regulations to preserve the environment, consumer and animal health, and facilitate market surveillance procedures



Local Manufacturer

Turn Around Time

5 Working Days

Audit Visit Fees

1000 S.A.R
2000 S.A.R
3000 S.A.R
4000 S.A.R
5000 S.A.R

Document Review Fees

2500 S.A.R

Number of Products

11 or more

The applicant shall provide the transportation tickets, in addition to the hotel accommodation

– The flights ticket shall be on the economy class

– The hotels shall be rated 4 stars at least

The transportation and the accommodation costs

Certification Process

1. Importer registration & activation
2. Product registration
3. Product registration fee
4. Submission of mandatory requirements to Motabaqah
5. Certification process: (Review of submitted requirements + Factory Audit)
6. Uploaded the final recommendation
7. Payment of certificate issuance JEEM 1
8. PCoC issuance


1. Importer Information (CR number and Its expiry date, ID related to the facility)
2. Account verification through ministry of Commerce system
3. Manufacturer information (name and address)
4. Product information
5. Application for certification
6. Test Reports from ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory as per SASO 2879
7. Importer / Local manufacturer declaration of conformity
8. Risk assessment
9. ISO 9001, or declaration
10. ISO 14001, or declaration

Jeem1 platform & user guide:

SASO Technical Regulation: