Cosmetics Certification

Cosmetic exporters/Importers trading with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to comply with the requirements of Saudi Food & Drug Authority

MOTABAQAH in collaboration with SFDA partakes in issuing Certificates of Conformity that comply with Saudi/GSO Technical Regulations and Standards.

MOTABAQAH participates in applying Saudi/GSO Technical Regulations and Standards of Cosmetic products by reviewing the shipment documents, Product labels for ensuring cosmetic safety and issuing certificate of conformity.

Program Benefits:

• Assuring Pre-Shipment Conformity
• Facilitate Customs Clearance Ending SFDA procedures by
• Guaranteed same day release of the shipment

To obtain this Certificate of Conformity, cosmetics consignments will be subject, at the country of supply, to evaluation , product testing and documentary review. Full details of how you can meet the requirements of SFDA Imported Cosmetic Conformity Certification Program, can be found in MOTABAQAH Profile and on our website.

Complete Set of Certification Programs (CoC)

Certification is provided for all cosmetics products falling under Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA).

• It is issued per shipment invoice and can cover multiple product categories including but not limited to
perfumes, body care, hair oil etc. from multiple manufacturers and countries’ of origin.

MOTABAQAH can assist in seamless issuance of CoC in a competitive timeframe.

Cosmetics CoC Process

Conformity Assessment for Cosmetics

MOTABAQAH is licensed by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) to operate in the field of Conformity Assessment for the following activities:

Range of Products:

Skin Care

Skin Creams, Body Lotions, Talcum Powder, Face Masks, Liquid Foundations, Hand & Foot Creams, Petroleum Jelly, Scrubs, Make-up Powders, Blushers etc.

Lip Care

Lip Stick, Lip Gloss, Lip Pencils, Lip Pallet etc.

Eye Care

Eye Liner, Mascara, Eye Shadows, Kohl etc.


Perfumes, Deodorants, Air Fresheners etc.

Dental Care

Toothpaste, Powder, Oral rinses, Mouth Fresheners etc.

Body Cleaning Products

Toilet Soap, Transparent Soap, Bath and Shower Gels, Shampoos, conditioners, Face Wash, Liquid Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizers, Wet Wipes, Tissues etc.

Hair Care

Hair Oil, Hair Tonic, Hair Lotions, Hair Dye, Hair Cream, Shaving Cream, Shaving Gel, Chemical Depilatory etc.

Nail Care

Nail Polish, Polish Removers, Nail Care Products etc.

Hand Soap

Hand Soap, Liquid hand soap, Glycerin Soap,….etc