Energy Efficiency of OMAN & BAHRAIN

A certification enabling Importers and Manufacturers in obtaining energy efficiency label and letter of
approval for Air Conditioning product to ease entry to Oman & Bahrain ports (Sea, Air & Road).



Local Manufacturer


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Certification Process

1. Review of provided technical documentations.
2. Product registration & submission of mandatory documents in the GSO EE Portal.
3. MOTABQAH application approval on GSO EER portal.
4. Payment of GSO fees.
5. OMAN / BAHRAIN (Regulator) final approval.
6. Download of certificate & label by MOTABAQAH and forward to client.


1. EER Regulatory Application form.
2. Test report from 3rd party accredited laboratory ISO/IEC 17025.
3. Laboratory accreditation certificate and scope.
4. Gulf Type Examination Certificate and its technical documentation or draft GCTS.
5. Manufacturer & Importer Commercial Registry Certificate (CR).
6. Brand (Trade Mark) certificate.
7. Product instruction manual (Arabic & English).
8. Photos of product including (Unit, label & packaging) (for both unit if it’s split type).
9. List & marking photos of critical component including at least (compressor, fan and heat
10. Product Identity Declaration (if applicable).

GSO Energy Efficiency Labels Platform:

Granted Products: