GSO Water Efficiency Label (Green Label)

A certification enabling Importers and Manufacturers in obtaining water efficiency label and certificate
for water sanitary products (Listed in Annex (1)) which is a pre-requisite for Product Certificate of
Conformity for smooth entry to Gulf Countries’ market (Sea, Air & Road).



Local Manufacturer


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Certification Process

1. Economic operator (EO) registration & activation.
2. Technical evaluation, Registration & submission of mandatory documents.
3. MOTABAQAH (NB-0001) application approval.
4. Payment of GSO fees.
5. GSO final approval.
6. Download of certificate & label by MOTABAQAH and forward to client.


1- MOTABAQAH’s Application form.
2- Certification Agreement form.
3- Manufacture (Brand Owner) & factory – Commercial Registry (CR).
4- Trade mark (Brand) registration certificate.
5- Manufacturer (Brand Owner) & Importer Declaration of Conformity.
6- Test Report (Flow rate) from accredited Lab.
7- Clear photos of product, marking and packaging.
8- Instruction/Safety Manuals (written in Arabic and English Language).
9- Manufacturer’s Risk Analysis

GSO Platform:

GSO Technical Regulations:

Harmonized Standards: