Gulf Conformity Mark (G-Mark) for Toys

The Gulf Conformity Mark is a mandatory requirements for sale or distribution of toys in the market of GCC member states which started on  01.01.2014

Affixing the G mark on a product is a proof that it conforms to the Gulf standards & the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Toy Technical Regulation. Also , that it meets the quality and safety requirements.

G-Mark Requirements for Toys Scope

Children’s Toys designed , whether or not exclusively, for  use in play by children under 14 years of age.


  • Playground equipment for public use.
  • Automatic playing  machines, whether coin operated or not, or public use.
  • Products listed in Annex 1 of the GSO Toy Regulation 


The GCC Standardization  Organization (GSO) is responsible for  regulation high-priority product categories for products entering the markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states which consist of:

United Arab Emirates

Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

State Of Qatar

Kingdom Of Bahrain

State Of Kuwait

Sultanate of Oman

The Republic of Yemen is not an official member of the GCC, however the G-Mark is accepted for products imported into the country.

Conformity Assessment Scheme

GSO created the Gulf Technical Regulation for Toys (BD-131704-01) that outline the safety requirements for products to be used by consumers.

Procedure of applying for the G-mark

  1. The economic operator (EO) applies to a Notified Body (Motabaqah).
  2. Upon receipt of application from the EO, the Notified Body (NB) will examine the Techinal  Documentation.
  3. Toys are tested to GCC Technical Regulation on Children’s Toys by an approved laboratory.
  4. On successful completion of assessment, the EO will receive  a certificate & can put the G-Mark on the product or packaging, or both. 

Notified Bodies

Assessment activites to verify that toy products conforms to GSO regulation. The GSO provides a list of approved NBs at Click here  

NB will seek to determine that:

  • The product has been manufactured in conformity with the Technical Documentation.
  • Appropirate  testing has been conducted in accordance with the Technical Regulation and relevent Standards. If not, then arrange.


A manufacturer or importer may only choose one NB for each product. 

An independent notified body with a Reg.No.NB-0001 approved by the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) to provide G-Mark certification.

Conformity Certificates & GCTS

After the NB review and evalution process, if the decision is made to award the applicant with a GC certificate, the NB will generate the certificate and the Gulf Confomity Tracking Symbol (GCTS) from the GSO Certification Tracking System and issue both to the applicant. 

Technical Documentation for Children's Toys

The Economic Operator (manufacturer or importer ) must provide the following information to their chosen Notified Body:

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