Saber Certification

A certification enabling Importers and Manufacturers in obtaining related Product Certificate of
Conformity (PCoC) & Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC) through the SABER electronic platform for smooth entry to Saudi Arabian ports (Sea, Air & Road).



Local Manufacturer

Turnaround Time

3 working days (for Type 1a)
5 working days (for Type 3)


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Certification Process

1. Importer registration & activation
2. Product registration & selection of approved Certification Body (ie Motabaqah)
3. Submission of mandatory requirements to Motabaqah
4. Certification process
Review of submitted requirements
Factory Audit (for type 3 only)
5. Payment of PCoC request approval on SABER
6. Payment of PCoC issuance
7. PCoC issuance
8. Shipment certificate requests
9. Shipment certificate review, approval
10. Payment of SCoC issuance on SABER