SASO Water Efficiency Label

A certification enabling Importers and Manufacturers in obtaining water efficiency label and certificate
for water sanitary products (Listed in Annex (1) table (A)) which is a pre-requisite for SABER Product
Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) for smooth entry to Saudi Arabian ports (Sea, Air & Road).



Local Manufacturer


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Certification Process

1. Importer registration & activation.
2. Product registration & submission of mandatory documents.
3. Payment of SASO application fees (1 st invoice).
4. Technical review of application by MOTABAQAH.
5. SASO final approval.
6. Payment of model/s fees (2 nd invoice).
7. Download of certificate & label by applicant.


1. Factory valid QMS or ISO 9001 certificate.
2. Marking: a clear high resolution photo for each model includes at minimum the below
a- Marking on product: Brand name (optional).
b- Marking on packaging: includes (Brand name, model number and country of origin).
3. Test report from SASO registered laboratory.
4. Importer & Manufacturer declarations of conformity.
5. Product Identity Declaration (if Applicable).

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SASO Technical Regulations: