Export Toy Varieties to Saudi Arabia with Motabaqah

MOTABAQAH ensures your toy products get the necessary certificate to export in Saudi Arabia. We expedite quality certification hurdles and hassles.

What’s G Mark Certification!

G Mark stands for The Gulf Conformity Mark. It is the necessary quality assurance certificate for businesses to export and sell their toy products initiated in 01/01/2014.

This certificate and mark assures that the product is safe and complies to all the standards set by the GSO (GCC Standardization Organization).

Where Does GSO Operate!

Here is the list of countries GSO is responsible for ensuring quality and setting standards for brands and manufacturers to follow suit for their toy products.

United Arab Emirates

Kingdom of Bahrian

Saudi Arabia



State Of Kuwait



As the first independent Notified Body approved by the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) under Reg. No. NB-0001, we can support your G-Mark needs for children’s toys intended for sale in any of the GCC member states and the Republic of Yemen.

High End Testing & Quality assurance Labs

MOTABAQAH has two (2) ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and partner laboratories in different regions to provide testing for products that lack test reports or have incomplete testing.

Gulf Type Examination Certificate, Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) and Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC) for products entering Saudi Arabia.

Issuance of Certification

After your toy products have been co-signed by our testing labs, MOTABAQAH, as a certified GSO conformity services provider Reg.No. NB-0001, applies for your G-Mark Certification claim, so your products can be sold in the Saudi market.

Let’s Get Your Toy Products in KSA Hassle-Free!

As a GSO notified body, MOTABAQAH is all set to get your toy brand its due entry into the ever-growing market of Saudi Arabia where you can develop new prospects and clients.