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MOTABAQAH is a product and material conformity service provider fully attested and notified by SASO (Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization). MOTABAQAH is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia that assists government entities and the private sector to receive conformity certificates via laboratory testing and other quality assurance and conformity procedures. We provide high-end lab testing services for your

What is the Saudi Quality Mark?

Issued by SASO , Saudi Quality Mark is a stamp of approval for products trying to enter the KSA market. It is an exclusive property of SASO based on the trademark registration number 1303/79. This certificate covers a wide variety of products and materials like Food Products, Electrical Instruments And Machinery, Construction And Building Materials, Mechanical And Chemical Compositions.

Significance and benefits of Saudi Quality Mark


MOTABAQAH is the first and only Saudi conformity service provider to be approved by SASO. MOTABAQAH has an extensive portfolio with reputable names in various industries. 

Our procedure of testing and conformity consist of

Review the application

Technical for compliance with SASO standards

Factory audit

Ranges of Materials & Products We Test

Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain

Ready mixed concrete

Cement Products

Interior and exterior building cladding

Reinforcing steel bars

Flat Iron bar

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