What is SQM ? Why it is helpful?

SASO Quality Mark (also known as Saudi Quality Mark) is the exclusive property of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). It is a certificate of conformity issued by SASO that allows a manufacturer to use the SASO Quality Mark (label) on the product. Products that are labeled with SASO Quality Mark mean they are of high quality and compliance. SASO Quality Mark is Valid for 3 Years, so you export your products hassle-free.

First of all, please know that there are three different lists of products.

Type 1

Type 3

Type 5

Products that MUST be labeled with SASO Quality Mark

Below mentioned 10 products are part of the type 5 category of products.
These products require the comprehensive technical review and audit.
They MUST be labeled by SASO Quality Mark before exports to Saudi Arabia.


Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain

Ready Mixed Concrete

Cement Products

Flat Iron Bar

Steel Bars

Interior and Exterior Building Cladding


Sockets &

Electrical Extension Cord

Chemical Sector

Biodegradable Plastic

Mechanical Sector

Gas Appliances and their Accessories

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Non - Mandatory Products for Q Mark

Below mentioned products are part of the type 1 & 3 category. 

Electrical Sector

Cable Tray Systems

Lighting for public and private purposes

Air Conditioning units

Electrical Circuit Brakers

Refrigirators and Freezers for home and commercial use, and water and distribution coolers

Piping Systems and accessories for managing electrical cables

Construction Sector

Gypsum Products

Fired Clay Bricks

Western & Eastern Toilets

Thermal Insulation and waterproofing

Chemical Sector

Paints and Varnished

plastic piping systems

Cosmetic Products

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MOTABAQAH is an international Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) with headquarters in Saudi Arabia, founded in 2006. We
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Process and Timeline

We have laid out the complete procedure for your understanding of the whole process of acquiring SASO Quality Mark.

Step 1

1 work day

Under Preliminary Study

0 work day

Determine Technical Expert

Step 2

2 work day

Under Technical Study

0 work day

Waiting for the audit days to be set

Step 3

1 work day

Waiting for the audit team to be assigned

1 work day

Waiting for planning Audit

1 work day

Under Auditing

1 work day

Waiting for the audit team to be assigned

1 work day

Review the audit report

1 work day

Approve the audit report

1 work day

Review Committee Formation

Step 4

2 work day

Review Committee Recommendations

0 work day

Review (Review Committee) Recommendations

1 work day

Final Review

1 work day

Final Decision

What products require the Saudi Quality Mark?

It’s crucial to understand that obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) is a  voluntary process for non-regulated products. process for non-regulated products. You may choose to acquire SASO Quality Mark for your non-regulated products in order to save time and cost and trade without worry for 3 years – which is the validity of the mark

Saudi Quality Mark Application Process


Submit an application in the new SASO certificates issuance system called MANEH


Review of the technical files and product test reports


Technical study and factory audits to be performed by a Notified Body like MOTABAQAH.


Physical audit performance at manufacturing facility


Corrective actions on recorded non-compliance cases


SASO will perform the final review and issue the conformity mark if approved

SASO Quality Mark – Validity 3 Years!

Submit your application for SQM on the new portal by SASO called MANEH.