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Food Testing

At our chemistry and microbiological laboratories we carry out food quality, safety and composition testing for producers, processors, retailers, and regulatory and standard setting bodies.

Contaminants Testing

Our international network of best practice laboratories enables us to offer you an extensive range of contaminant testing for environmental, agrichemical, industry and process contaminants.

Our industry and laboratory experts provide a comprehensive range of training to help our customers meet their food safety and quality requirements.

Halal Compliance

We offer training in the principles of quality auditing and how it applies to halal certification, running introductory and advanced courses on understanding the fundamentals of halal auditing. Our services include alcohol and meat species testing to assess halal status.

Audit & Inspection

We offer independent and integrated audit, inspection, verification and certification services to producers, processors and retailers across the food and primary production sectors.

Independent Laboratory Assurance

Our extensive network also provides access to world class laboratory proficiency testing. Global Proficiency, fully owned by AsureQuality, has a memorandum of understanding with the Gulf Standards Organisation for collaboration in proficiency testing. Participating in proficiency testing schemes enables your laboratory to join an established network of proven analytical performance, and provides independent assurance of the accuracy and precision of your test results.